fish4tomorrow aims to create a culture of sustainable fishing and seafood consumption in Malta and Gozo. We aim to raise local consumer, restaurateur and retailer awareness on the importance of acquiring seafood from sustainable sources. To do this, fish4tomorrow will provide the tools necessary for consumers to make responsible choices that will ensure the viability of local fish stocks for generations to come.

About us

fish4tomorrow was formed in 2010 following several discussions between different Maltese NGOs and environmentalists regarding the state of Maltese and European fisheries. Over the years, the NGO has worked with numerous stakeholders, carried out research, lobbied on local and European levels, and campaigned in order to create a culture of sustainable seafood consumption.


fish4tomorrow aims to create a culture of sustainable seafood consumption through effective campaigning and lobbying. To do this, the coalition will assist restaurants and markets in addressing the issue of overfishing by helping them to identify and highlight sustainable seafood choices in their establishments. fish4tomorrow will promote establishments which serve and promote sustainable seafood and will help build public support and enthusiasm for the sensible management of Malta’s fish stocks. Ultimately, fish4tomorrow strives to increase the demand for environmentally sustainable seafood in Malta.


JD Farrugia


M.Sc in Environmental Management & Planning. Coordinator of the TerraFirma Collective

Anthony Debono


Science graduate and member of Greenhouse Malta

Ing. George Camilleri


Engineer and company director

Pamela Mason


Retired teacher and member of Sharklab-Malta

Dr Stanley Farrugia Randon

Committee Member

Medical Doctor, author and member of Din l-Art Ħelwa

David Mason

Committee Member

Biochemist, lecturer and member of Sharklab-Malta